I teach several different styles of group yoga classes and am also available by private appointment for individual yoga lessons. My schedule of group classes is on the home page.
Suitable for all levels of students, Yin is a perfect complement to a more dynamic (Yang) style of practice that emphasize internal heat and the lengthening and contracting of the muscles. Yin yoga generally targest the connective tissues of the ligaments, and joints of the pelvis, hips and lower spine. The postures are held from 3-5 minutes in length, allowing access to the deeper, more Yin tissues. Yin also works to balance the subtle, energetic body by harmonizing the flow of vital life essence (chi) within the meridian system. The effects of Yin practice have been compared to the feeling after receiving acupunture.
This class is designed for beginning students or for those looking for a gentle approach to their yoga practice. It is more active than a Yin class, but not as heat inducing as Vinyasa. We explore breathwork (pranayama) and some meditation and also access the entire body through various asanas or postures. It is safe during pregnancy and prenatal students are welcome.
Using props, easeful poses, beautiful music, aromatherapy, healing touch and guided imagery, this class is perfect for healing or recovery from illness, stress, trauma, injury, surgery or major change.
Vinyasa Flow
Starting with breathwork or meditation, and warming into a standing flow of poses aligning with your breath to create a graceful, fluid and strengthening practice. Spiced up with some core work and arm balancing, preparing you for delicious and inspired openings on the floor. Matece is currently not teaching Vinyasa group classes.
Beginning Again: Prenatal Yoga After Loss

This class is a safe space for women who have experienced loss in a prior pregnancy to access the benefits of prenatal yoga in a an understanding community of women.

When we have experienced miscarriage, stillbirth, or other traumas and difficulties around pregnancy, there can be a great deal of raw emotion, uncertainty, and stress that comes with subsequent pregnancies.

Sometimes this vulnerability and undercurrent of worry can even make it difficult to attend "regular" prenatal yoga classes or, at the least, leave us feeling a bit shut-off from the other women in class, or unable to let the yoga practices access our deeper needs.

In this nurturing environment, we will use yoga exercises, breathing techniques, strength building, mindfulness meditation, and guided relaxation to help alleviate the physical, emotional, and mental stress and worries in this new pregnancy.

We will hold a place for all of our complex emotions -- cultivating inner strength, acknowledging waves of grief, embracing gentle hopes -- and practice softening and relaxing even in the uncertainty we carry. Women are welcomed to share experiences, if desired, or just relax into this setting of supportive and understanding community where you can safely let down your guard.

Prior yoga experience is not necessary, as classes are tailored to individual needs.

Classes are held at Harmony Birth Center in Campbell, CA. Click HERE for more information and for class schedule.

Private Classes
A private yoga session is perfect for those just beginning a yoga practice, seasoned yogis looking to hone in on a particular aspect of the practice, and those with injuries or special needs such as pregnancy or illness recovery. Matece takes time to understand your unique needs and goals and designs a yoga, breathwork, and meditation practice specifically for you.

60 min $75
90 min $115
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