The Sanctuary

I offer several different types of massage.
Therapeutic Table Massage
Matece draws upon a diverse knowledge of techniques ranging from the more technical, anatomy based forms like neuromuscular rehabilitation, sports massage and deep tissue work to the more subtle forms of energetic healing such as Reiki, Swedish, breath work and deep relaxation. These sessions are typically a combination of the above mentioned modalities with more focus in one direction or the other depending on your needs for that session.

60 Minutes $75
90 Minutes $115
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Prenatal Table Massage
Pregnancy is a time of changes, some embraced eagerly, and others less welcome as your entire body adapts to the new life growing within you. Prenatal massage is a wonderful way to relax, increase your energy, and relieve discomfort during your pregnancy. Matece offers sessions in a side-lying position supported by pillows.

60 Minutes $75
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Hot Stone Massage
Matece uses a combination of aromatherapy and smooth, heated Basalt river stones to calm your body. The stones are placed on the body, where the heat can penetrate to the core, melting away deep stress and tension. She also uses the heated stones in her hands to soothe the body, completing the session with the integration of wholeness and balance. Seasonal and offered only in the cooler months.

90 Minutes $125
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