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Yoga Training and Massage Workshops


Teaching and Practicing Prenatal Yoga

How to guide, assist and support expecting women on their journey

Sat May 10: 12:30pm - 5:30pm
YogaSource Los Gatos Cost: $75

This training counts as 5 hours towards the YogaSource 300/500 hour program. It also qualifies for Yoga Alliance Continuing Education credit.

This day-long intensive is designed for both teachers and students of yoga. Whether you are unsure how to proceed with your yoga practice now that you are pregnant or you don’t know what to do with the prenatal student who walks into your class, this workshop will help to answer these questions.

The focus of this intensive is to learn how to skillfully and sensitively incorporate prenatal students into a public yoga class whether it is flow or yin, gentle or power. We will cover the practice by trimester, learning specific modifications and contraindications for yoga poses as well as the special needs and concerns of each stage of pregnancy. We’ll go over the symptoms and complications of pregnancy and how to adapt for these conditions thereby encouraging safety and comfort for your pregnant students.

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Restorative Yoga Training
Fri 7/11: 6pm - 8pm
Sat 7/12: 12:30pm - 6:30pm
Sun 7/13: 9am - 7pm
YogaSource Los Gatos Cost: $275

This training is part of the YogaSource 200 hour Gentle Program and also counts as 20 hours towards the YogaSource 300/500 hour program. It also qualifies for Yoga Alliance Continuing Education credit.

This module covers everything you need to know about this necessary practice, from the latest findings on the effects of stress to delicious techniques to help students heal and recover from illness, stress, trauma, injury, surgery or major change. Teachers of all styles will learn how to use props and techniques that cultivate a magical space of healing and nourishment for the body and spirit.

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Restorative Yoga for the Awakened Heart

Musical Accompaniment by Renata Bratt on Cello
Saturday, July 12 1:30 - 4:00pm

Unwind the bodymind and awaken the heart during this in-depth exploration of restorative yoga and meditation. Matece will guide you into a blissful state of relaxation as you practice slow and steady therapeutic yoga poses with the support of props. Poses will be alternated with heart-centered meditations exploring the themes of fearlessness, compassion, generosity, forgiveness and love. The workshop will be accompanied by live cello music by Renata Bratt.

Perfect for anyone in need of healing or recovery from stressful life conditions, trauma, injury, surgery or major change. For beginners as well as seasoned practitioners, this practice will be shear pleasure. The restorative poses provide an ideal foundation for meditative healing and your experience deepens with the support of massage and aromatherapy.

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Hands On Assists Yoga Teacher Training
Sat 10/4: 9am - 6pm
Sun 10/5: 9am - 6pm
YogaSource Los Gatos Cost: $275

With Matece Skow and Erin Matteucci

This training counts as 20 hours towards the YogaSource 300/500 hour program. It also qualifies for Yoga Alliance Continuing Education credit.

A meaningful adjustment conveys a deep understanding of its intention and purpose. It provides education and exploration, and adds a level of healing to an intelligent yoga practice.

Physical adjustment is a direct and personal form of communication. Done well, it can be transformational—creating positive patterns, building a strong mind-body connection and strengthening awareness for your students. Join us for a two day exploration into the various families of postures and how you as a teacher can use your hands to help your students intensify their strengthening, therapeutic and spiritual experience.

Learn the fundamental concepts of why, when, and how to apply hands-on adjustments for yoga poses. We will start our exploration by grouping postures with similar intent and working from Standing to seated from internally rotated to externally rotated from the passive yin to the active yang and try to address everything in between.

We will also discuss the importance of self-adjustments and how to verbally communicate them.

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Yoga Teacher Training Mentorship

Yoga Training Mentorship with Matece
Ongoing; can be started anytime

Applied towards the YogaSource 500+ Advanced Teacher Training Program.

Mentorships are an irreplaceable way of growing as a teacher, gaining unique insider access to a senior teacher's methodology, and accumulating a significant amount of contact hours towards your certificate. Deepen a meaningful relationship with your favorite teacher, understand how they create their magic, and build your sequencing and music library. You will cultivate your own teaching skills as you assist them in class, honing your ability to see bodies, offer modifications to diverse students and give hands-on adjustments.

Mentorship involves a commitment to:
44 in-classroom hours in the 60 Hour Mentorship
84 in-classroom hours in the 100 Hour Mentorship
These hours are a combination of practicing, assisting and observing.

6 monthly 1-hour meetings with Matece to discuss techniques, philosophy, sequencing, debrief, feedback, demonstration, practice teaching, etc.

10 hours of assignments from Matece will round out your experience in the Mentorship.

Mentorship requires completion of YogaSource Level 1 Teacher Training or 100 hours of other mind-body training.

60 hour mentorship: $525
100 hour Mentorship: $845

Through the duration of your mentorship, the classes in which you are mentoring are included in the cost. Also, as an added bonus, Matece offers a discounted rate on her Thai Massage sessions for her mentees.

For questions regarding the mentorship you may either email or phone Matece. You'll find her contact info on the Contact Page.

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Thai Massage Practitioner Training

Level 1 Thai Yoga Therapy Training
Sat 4/20: 11am - 6pm
Sun 4/21: 11:45am - 6pm
YogaSource Los Gatos Cost: $195

Eligible for 15 Yoga Alliance hours

Thai Massage is a sacred form or yogic healing. It combines the elements of massage, acupressure, and partner stretching to release tension, stimulate healing energies, and enhance wholeness of body, mind and spirit for both the giver and receiver. This two day workshop is designed to be accessible for everyone; no prior massage or yoga experience is necessary. Sign up alone or with a friend, and together you will get an enjoyable introduction to Thai Massage principles and techniques that will leave you feeling balanced and connected with a refreshing dose of healing and joy!

Learn a spirited and useful sequence that relieves tension in the feet, legs, back, shoulders and head - a simplified form of a full Thai Massage session. Students will learn a 60-minute sequence incorporating techniques in supine, prone and side-lying positions and have time to practice the full sequence. We’ll develop proper body mechanics to be efficient and safe in the work as well as explore the spirit of Thai massage as meditation practice.

This session builds upon the skills and sequence of Day 1. Learn Thai Massage techniques that fit seamlessly into the 60 minute full-body sequence. We will cover massage techniques by yoga pose, learning effective hands-on methods to help reduce tension and garner relaxation for massage clients and students. These techniques can be used during Thai massage and are also helpful when teaching yoga in group or private classes. This day is designed to augment your creativity, skills and confidence with Thai massage. Students will have ample time to practice these techniques.

Please bring 1-2 yoga mats and 1-2 blankets.

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